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Physical Therapy Treatment for Airbag Injuries at our

Columbia, MD Clinic: 

Auto Accident Injury Program in Howard County Maryland

BEAT Physical Therapy is prepared to help those patients involved in a car crash. Please contact 410-884-0000, our Howard County office if you have recently experienced a traumatic automobile accident to learn more about how our Columbia, MD pain management treatment facility can help.

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Physical Therapy for Airbag Injuries: 

  • broken arms
  • broken fingers
  • broken hands
  • broken noses
  • eye damage
  • hearing damage
  • head/neck injuries
  • skin abrasions
  • Other injuries to the extremities

Our BEAT Physical Therapists in our Columbia MD pain relief and rehabilitation office will provide proper treatment for the types of injuries often inflicted by airbags in serious automobile accidents.

Airbags were designed to protect passengers during motor vehicle accidents. When cars collide, airbags inflate to provide a cushion to protect the human body from extreme physical damage caused by contact with the car’s interior. Often, airbags have saved lives in accidents that would have otherwise proved deadly.

The problem with airbags is that the pressure necessary to instantly deploy this safety cushion may cause injury.

Airbag Injury

Most common injuries resulting from airbag deployments: 

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