Symptoms of Gait and Balance Problems
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As we age, walking can become difficult due to a variety of reasons.  Good balance can also diminish with aging.  We at BEAT Physical Therapy educate and help you to regain lost balance which directly improves your walking.


Balance Disorder and Gait Rehabilitation in Columbia, MD (Howard County)

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Causes of Gait and Balance Problems

Balance and walking difficulty can be the result of many different ailments including but not limited to brain disability, loss of sight, trouble hearing, broken bones, loss of muscle mass, or sensory nerve abnormality.

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Treatment of Gait and Balance Problems in Howard County Columbia Maryland 21044

Patients may experience double vision, dizziness or vertigo, motion sickness, or light-headedness.

Our team of experts at BEAT Physical Therapy will evaluate your physical condition and set goals to help improve your balance difficulty.

Come to our PT facility and book an appointment. We are just at the heart of Columbia, MD, near Columbia Town Center. BEAT PT is near Little Patuxent Pkwy and Governor Warfield Pkwy.Dial (410) 884-0000 to reserve your appointment and begin your one-on-one physical therapy with our experienced adult physical therapists.

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Common Medical Conditions Leading to Gait and Balance Abnormality

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