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Fear of Falling?

PT Treatment of Gait and Balance Disorders in Older Adults

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Falls are a leading cause of injury in older adults.   Causes include arthritis and orthostatic hypotension as well as loss of balance and even tripping over a pet. However, most balance and gait disorders involve multiple contributing factors including other current medical conditions.

Gait or Balance Problems should not be considered the inevitable consequence of aging. These can be prevented by a regular visit to a BEAT physical therapists so we can immediately address your concern about your fear of falling.

People in their advanced age who report a fall or feel unsteady can ask their physician to refer them to physical therapy although a prescription for PT is not required in Maryland.

BEAT Physical Therapy is equipped, and our physical therapists are one of the best in Columbia, Howard County Maryland. We perform thorough evaluation, treatment, and help educate you on how to prevent falls.

During the initial evaluation, our patients who demonstrate unsteadiness, are usually advised by our PT practitioners to continue with physical therapy to improve gait impairments and related functional limitations.

Our most efficient strategy for fall prevention involves a multifactorial evaluation followed by customized interventions for identified contributing factors. We provide an effective treatment plan for patients with gait and balance disorders that include proper exercise as part of the physical therapy. Exercises are prescribed by our licensed Maryland physical therapists.  They are safe, and always supervised.

An ounce of prevention!  Avoid an injury or disability by preventing falls. Schedule a physical therapy evaluation now at BEAT Physical Therapy. Let our Exceptional Senior Adult Physical Therapists in Columbia, MD perform a comprehensive assessment today by calling (410) 884-0000.

You need peace of mind. You need early identification of gait and balance disorders so that appropriate intervention may prevent dysfunction and loss of independence down the line.

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