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Come and visit our Columbia MD clinic physical therapists in Howard County, Maryland. We love to see how we can help treat your injury triggered by an auto accident. Please call (410) 884-0000 to book an appointment as soon as possible to limit and/or avoid further damage and resolve the pain.

  • Physical therapy treatment is recommended for herniated disc caused by automobile accidents. Treatments may vary based on how the auto accident incident have happened and considering patient’s medical condition as well as history. Unless there is significant numbness or weakness, most physical therapists will treat a herniated disc with conservative therapy. Physical therapy exercises, hot, and/or cold therapy may also be helpful.
  • Over-the-counter muscle relaxers, pain medication, or nerve pain medications can help ease the pain. When an over-the-counter pain medication does not help with pain anymore, patients may be referred to see their primary physicians and advised to consider prescribed pain medication.

BEAT Physical Therapy only advice surgery when the herniated disc causes severe dysfunction or does not respond to nonsurgical treatment. Besides the fact surgery is expensive and complicated, surgery will permanently remove all or part of the herniated disc. So be careful with your decision before you undergo any surgery.

Non-surgical Treatment of Herniated Disc

​Herniated disc typically results from the wear and tear due to aging. However, trauma-related herniated disc from a car accident is not uncommon. If there is a herniated disc in your neck, you will likely feel the pain in shoulder and arms. A herniated discs often irritate nearby spinal nerves. Automobile accident patients diagnosed with herniated disc issues usually experience:

  • Arm or leg pain
  • Weakness, numbness, or tingling in patient’s upper extremities or any of the affected area
  • "Shooting pain” when moving into certain positions, or when coughing or sneezing

A slipped disc or herniated disc occurs when the soft center of the disc pushes through the disc’s exterior or outer ring, irritating the surrounding nerves. Older adults are more common to experience this conditions.

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